Tigers get turned on by CK Obsession at London Zoo

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that beauty companies LOVE. Like. Really, really LOVE. It’s not just about the ladies buying their fave perfumes and lippies, it’s all about the (often) clueless) partners buying presents which means sales ladies can turn on the charm and convince them that you need the perfume with everything- and really, whoever cares about scented body lotion that matches their perfume (I for one think it’s a waste of money).

Come this time of year every single brand is sending out lots of releases ‘get her something special,’ ‘perfumes for a princess’ ‘candles for every girl’ and many journalists are writing these pieces. Yes, even I do the requisite gift guides (though not on Addicted to Beauty this year). There’s nothing really wrong in sharing good gift ideas as long as they aren’t silly money, but when companies try a, umm,  more lateral approach it makes me laugh.

London Zoo is a local haunt of mine and I enjoy spending a day there marvelling at the creatures of the world. There’s only so much press that London Zoo can get though, as unless they get new babies (awww) or someone streaks (equally hilarious) it’s just well there. So they do incentives, initiatives and there latest one is downright entertaining.

They have had their tigers scent test a range of perfume and come up with the scientific/ personal decision that their tigers LOVE CK Obsession. Naturally as its Valentine’s Day and animals love Valentine’s Day they have now given them pillows (well, how was a tiger going to use a bottle?) scented with CK Obsession which they are pictured playing with, chewing, and um.. humping each other on?

OK, that may be  the wrong word, but as well as images of kisses and heart printed cushions I was also provided with what looks like an image of amorous tiger loving. Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Buy CK Obsession! See tigers do it! Does this do it for you?

I don’t know, but I may have to re-sniff my CK Obsession bottle…

Here’s what the keepers say;

Zookeeper Teague Stubbington said: “Tigers are territorial creatures and these strong smells encourage their natural scent-marking behaviours by making them rub themselves against the perfumed hearts.