The Face Shop Korea: An overview

The Face Shop is a South Korean beauty store which offers a ridiculous amount of cutesy beauty products. I was blown away by the variety they had- adorable hand creams disguised as apples and lemons (with a matching scent!), cute kawaii cats perched in plant pots offering up sugary hand cream, and nail varnishes in … Read more

Beauty Bloggers Dilemma: How to React / Review a Bad Product

There comes a moment in every bloggers/ journalists life where something unexpected happens. The new phones you’re given to review breaks down, you get a horrific rash at a spa, or you go on a yoga retreat that proves unfulfilling. In each case we’ve had the treatment/ experience for free, and are duty bound (especially … Read more

Tigers get turned on by CK Obsession at London Zoo

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that beauty companies LOVE. Like. Really, really LOVE. It’s not just about the ladies buying their fave perfumes and lippies, it’s all about the (often) clueless) partners buying presents which means sales ladies can turn on the charm and convince them that you need the perfume with everything- … Read more